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Woh Kiya Hai on Express News

Woh Kia Hai is a paranormal investigative show. The major part of the show has investigation in terms of research and location or exploring the subject. This show not only revolves around issues involving ghosts and genies but also tries to uncover stories which are unexplained since generations.

Since the program started airing, we have recorded hundreds of hours of audio and video data. Most investigations, according to the team, turn up cold with very little, if any, paranormal activity occurring. The WKH team claims to have several good recordings of strange mists, odd lights, moving objects, and shadowy figures that manifest before the camera and disappear quickly - all highlighted at the end of the show.

Woh Kia Hai has attracted various criticism and skeptism. Some people criticized their methodology in the Skeptical Inquirer. But as our team says "If you set out to prove a haunting, anything will seem like evidence. If you set out to disprove it, you will end up with only those things you can't explain away." So, in the third season of the show, we are planning to invite our viewers to come and be a part of the team and visit/investigate with us and share the experience we go through every time.


Every Sunday At 7:05 PM Only On Express News (Repeat Timings: Monday 9:05am & 4:05pm)